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Protect Public Health and Improve Quality of Life

Mosquito control is not just a “nice to have” public service that improves the comfort and livability of our communities. It’s a critical part of preserving quality of life and protecting the public from the threat of mosquito-borne diseases.

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Mosquito Control Services for Mosquito Abatement Districts and Government Organizations

Whether you’re looking for the benefits of a full-service, integrated mosquito management program or seeking mosquito control products and application equipment for your self-managed program, Clarke has just what you need. We work across all types of government and community organizations, including:

Mosquito Abatement Districts

Clarke is privileged to serve and work closely with the majority of mosquito abatement districts in the United States. Experts in their own right, these organizations focus strictly on delivering mosquito control to their communities and lean on Clarke for mosquito control products, application equipment and operational support.

Municipalities, Public Health Departments & Local Governments

Municipalities and local government entities have a wide range of public services to manage, and so when it comes to the science of mosquito control, they rely heavily on Clarke’s operational expertise, whether they manage their own programs or utilize our contract services.


Clarke is proud to be able to support our military forces with tailored solutions to meet their on- and off-base application and logistics needs.

Ministries of Health & NGOs

Globally, we work with Ministries of Health and non-governmental agencies on mosquito control solutions that help fight vector-borne diseases. From application equipment and surveillance solutions to mosquito control product options, we’re committed to helping communities around the world to be more livable, safe and comfortable.

Working with Clarke

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Technical Experts

When you work with Clarke, you get access to our in-house experts dedicated to public health mosquito control, including entomologists, biologists, environmental scientists, research and development scientists, and regulatory professionals.

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Maximizing Budgets

We understand budgets and keep them in mind when tailoring our mosquito control service programs to specific requirements, habitats and environments. Whether you are a municipality, township, county or abatement district, our experience lets us help you stretch dollars without compromising results.

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Managing Media

Public relations tools and media support are included benefits of working with Clarke. From materials and information you can post on your website to on-the-ground media relations support if you need it, we are there for you – free of charge – to support your community education efforts.

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Integrated Mosquito Management Services

Clarke delivers mosquito control service programs rooted in the principles of integrated mosquito management. Recommended jointly by the EPA and the CDC, integrated mosquito management takes a holistic approach to mosquito control.

The Principles of Integrated Mosquito Management

  • Community education to earn support for overall mosquito control activities and engage residents in source reduction efforts on their own properties.
  • Surveillance to monitor adult mosquito populations and detect the presence of arbovirus diseases like West Nile Virus, Eastern Equine Encephalitis or Zika.
  • Survey and mapping of known mosquito breeding sites and treatment routes.
  • Larval control treatments to prevent mosquito larvae from becoming biting adults.
  • Adult mosquito control treatments to provide immediate relief from biting or disease-carrying adult populations.
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Mosquito Control After Hurricanes, Floods, and Disease Outbreaks

Since our work responding to the first U.S. outbreak of West Nile Virus in 1999, Clarke has built a proven record for disease and weather-emergency mosquito control operations that soars above the rest.

It is why federal, state and local governments have repeatedly relied on Clarke to jump into action following a hurricane, flood, natural disaster or mosquito-borne disease outbreak.

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EarthRight Mosquito Control

Our Earthright mosquito control service program for the most sustainable public health mosquito control solution available to abatement districts and communities.

Clarke’s EarthRight Mosquito Service Program is one of a kind, using the most environmentally-friendly mosquito control products and eco-friendly application methods like bicycles and electric-powered application machines.

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Public Health Programs

Beginning or re-assessing your public health mosquito control program and looking for support?

Here are our recommendations on how to get started.

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Want more information about Clarke mosquito control service programs?

Find a representative in your area, or send us a message – we’re here to help.

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